1. fuckyeahaquaria:

    Two Spot Goby | Signigobius biocellatus

    (by divemecressi)

  2. fyeah-seacreatures:

    Pink-Eyed Pygmy Goby. (Luko Gecko)

  3. earthlynation:

    pink dart goby (source)


    A goby fish (Trimma okinawae) pokes out from its burrow by Wolcott Henry

  4. fyeah-seacreatures:

    Grump Couple. (Christian Loader)

    A pair of Dinah’s Gobies peer out from their beer bottle home.
    Lembeh, Indonesia.

  5. rhamphotheca:

    See-Through Fish Pic Wins Underwater Photo Contest

    A fleeting encounter of two translucent goby fish won the top prize at the 2011 Annual Underwater Photography Contest, hosted by the University of Miami, judges announced yesterday (April 20). The winning photograph was of two tiny gobies, no bigger than an inch, spotted on a dive near Marsa Alam, Egypt. The sea creatures’ quick get-together was captured by Tobias Friedrich of Germany…

    (read more: Our Amazing Planet)

  6. headlikeanorange:

    22-spot ladybird

  7. headlikeanorange:

    A green turtle on Raine Island in Australia. (Great Barrier Reef - BBC)

  8. 100leaguesunderthesea:

    Swimming with a green sea turtle in the lagoon of Conception Island

    by John Peltier